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Bringing Ideas into Reality!

Whether you are a small, medium or big enterprise we believe part of your goals is making work easy for your staff and that is why we are here to simply your work. We are determined in making sure that our clients get the best service they could possibly have!

Why Proxy Tech. Digital Concepts?

The capacity to keep you up and running using the latest technologies in their simplest form!

We have a team of young qualified IT professionals to help you achieve your business goals while leveraging on technology.

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Save time for things that really matter.

We are ready to help you focus on the things that matter!

Diverse Approach

We believe every organization may be unique in many ways and that is why we consider several approaaches to problems solving.

Professional Team

Our team of experts remain professional in handling your organizational affairs confidentially.

Expert Advice

Our consultants give you nothing but the best. We continously invest in ourselves to be up to date with the latest technologies.

Result Based

We give you result based oriented solutions with necessary support in a timely effective manner.

Technology is meant to simplify things!

The Chairman Proxy Tech. Digital Concepts

“Technology is here to change the way businesses operate and those who are fast learning and adapting will be the ones to lead their industries. Technology is meant to simplify things and we are here to prove it”

Bro. Abu Ali

E-Learning is the order of the day!

We are strong in developing e-learning digital content and the platforms that shares the content.

Latest Projects


Access24 v1.0

Education Management Software (EMS).

- Education


Matrix POS v2.1

Inventory Management System (IMS)

- Commerce


Phinmas (Pharmacy)

Pharmacy Inventory Management System (PIMS)

- Pharmaceutical

We are trusted by our clients...

We have a good relationship with all our clients and have built that over the time. We hope to keep 

playing our role efficiently and more widely.