Computer Appreciation Course Opens for 2021

2020 has been a year full of challenges for almost everyone. People have suspended a lot of plans and looking forward to achieving them in the coming year 2021. ProxyTech finds it necessary to offer the computer appreciation course again for people who are willing to upgrade their computer skills to help them get ahead of their personal and professional challenges working with computer systems.

The Computer Appreciation course has been designed for beginners who are yet to know how to work with the basics of Microsoft Office Suite which are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Learners of this course will at the end be able to have an adequate understanding of how to work with the 3 office suite mentioned above.

The course is programmed to be covered in 40hrs spanned across 2 months of 5hrs a week of both instructional and practical classes. The course fee is 30,000, interested candidate should please contact the coordinators through the following numbers, 07069564004 or 08030790380.